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Remodeling an existing basement can have a few more hiccups than starting from scratch.



Remodeling Your Existing Basement:
Remodeling an existing basement can have a few more hiccups that starting from scratch. The most common is when you have had an in-experienced contractor in before. This can give you many problems with your renovation. Some problems you may find once you start your remodel are:

• Wiring is incorrect
• Plumbing problems
• Framing issues
• Mold or Mildew from Moisture Issues

These problems can always be fixed, but you may run into additional cost to rectify any problems you may have encountered. This may be an excellent opportunity to re design your space. If you are going this route, it is always good to come up with one or two designs.

Moisture Issues with Basements:
Before starting a basement remodel or basement renovation, you should always check to see if you have moisture issues. A very simply way to test to see if you have moisture issues in your basement is to tape a small piece of plastic to the basements concrete floor. Make sure you seal every edge to the floor. Now leave the plastic for a couple of days. Moisture on the outer surface is only condensation. This is very common in basements and your ventilation will deal with this particular issue. Now peel up the piece of plastic carefully from your basement floor. If you have moisture underneath, you have moisture issues. Some common causes of basement moisture include:

• Poor drainage
• Bad grading
• Poor or lack of proper gutter systems
• Lack of or incorrect drainpipe

Moisture issues in your basement should be looked after right away, before any renovating or remodeling takes place. This is crucial to your homes health as well as you families as moisture tends to lead to mold or mildew, especially in basements.

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