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Does kitchen remodeling include a new floor?
It could!




Some things to consider when you are choosing a new kitchen floor:

• How will the look of the floor add to the overall look of my kitchen?
• Is the surface non slip?
• How easy is it to clean?
• How much can I afford?

Your choice of flooring is, again, a very personal choice but by considering your needs and own taste the right floor can be an easy decision. Consider the wear and tear expected. Is your kitchen a high-traffic area? Do you want the floor to be a fashion statement or silently compliment the overall design of the kitchen? Do you want a floor that is easy to clean and easy to keep clean? And finally, how long will it last? Your choices are; wood, laminate, vinyl, tile; including ceramic, porcelain, quarry and terra cotta. By using tiles you can create a mosaic piece that could be considered art using a combination of different sizes and colours of tile. Another popular flooring option is stone including granite, marble and slate. If you choice is environmental options consider bamboo which is very beautiful and is durable and more sustainable than wood, if you consider some bamboo grow as much as 3 feet in a single day!

Another consideration for your kitchen floor is radiant floor heating. Consider waking up on a cold and chilly morning in the middle of winter and going into the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee and step onto a floor that is both warm and inviting. In floor heating can provide you with that luxury! It’s a good idea if your choice of flooring is ceramic or stone flooring as these floors tend to be cold. There are some laminates that are being made for use specifically with floor heaters in mind. Wood is the only flooring option that is not conducive to a heated floor since wood is susceptible to temperature and moisture changes which can cause warping or buckling.

The choices for kitchen renovations and or upgrades are as varied as you want them to be. Maybe you have great cabinets, countertops and floors and are looking for a different style or design. It can be as simple as a new coat of paint or the addition of tile as a backsplash around the counters. Perhaps it’s adding new lighting under the cupboards or overhead. If you have or are adding an island counter, consider additional lighting that is focused on the work area – like pot lights or decorative lights that are not only beautiful but functional as well.

As I stated before, in kitchen remodelling, renovation ( reno ), redesign or creating a brand-new kitchen, there are many options in your choice of cabinets, counters, cook tops, cutting boards, flooring and tiles. Whether it’s a single cabinet, the cabinet doors or a complete remodel that includes new countertops, island or appliances, I am here to help you make some choices for your dream kitchen.

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